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What are the most popular Strategy Games at Kizi?

  1. Plants vs Zombies
  2. Swords and Souls
  3. Super Mechs
  4. Dynamons World
  5. Dynamons 2
  6. Miragine War
  7. Clash of Armour
  8. Goodgame Big Farm
  9. Age of War
  10. Kingdom Rush

What are the best Strategy Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Pirates War
  2. Quadron
  3. Hero Quest
  4. Royal Story
  5. Super Mechs

What are Strategy Games?

In Strategy games, you try to advance your character, village, or even empire through resource management. In these games, you should be prepared for enemies, build your defenses, and be ready to protect yourself. Send your units to enemy lands, and claim their resources to become more powerful!

Play free online strategy games

Interested in testing your strategy skills? At Kizi, we have the best online strategy game collection available to play for free. Do you want to feel just like an army commander? You can try out many of our strategy battle games in which you control lots of different army units. Try to launch successful attacks on your enemies. Defend your base against the waves of attackers your opponent tries to unleash upon your stronghold. Managing your resources plays an important role, so think twice before sending your units out to face the enemy. You really have to plan your campaigns carefully. Space battles, empire building, resource gathering, Tower Defense and many other challenging games await you on this strategy genre page.

A large range of strategy games for everyone

Browse our strategy games catalog and find the tactical trials that suit your tastes best. Want to travel through space and conquer the galaxy? Then space battle games such as Galaxy Siege 2 are just the sort of adventure for you. Try to survive the enemy waves before coming face to face with the level boss. Collect as many resources as you can and use them wisely. Develop and optimize your spaceship or battle station, invest in new technology, and complete all the objectives. Interested in a more hands-on approach? Then grab your sword and shield and head to the arena in games such as Swords and Souls. After each successful battle, you’ll earn skill points to spend on tech and attributes that will boost your chances of survival.

Check out our online strategy games list

None of our strategy games require you to download files to your computer or laptop. All you need to do is to visit our site and browse through our collection. Some strategy games feature multiplayer aspects that allow you to test your tactics against other players. Can you outsmart your foes? Test your creativity and strategic insight with the free strategy games collected for you on Kizi. How many victories can you achieve?