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Considering they’re an endangered species, you’d think pandas would be more careful with their adventurous instincts. Join the fun puzzle-solving platform adventures with 3 Pandas games here at Kizi and help the protagonists with challenging levels, mean enemies, and other fun mechanics. Take control of three panda brothers and help them overcome the troubles they encounter in these amazing online games. From escaping pirates to exploring the amazing world of a fantasy realm, prepare to be amazed by the colorful and hilarious possibilities waiting for you!

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These free 3 Pandas games are nothing short of amazing and mind-boggling puzzles! No matter where they go, these cute brothers will find a way to get into trouble. It might not seem like it, but they usually panic and need an outside perspective to find a way out. In every game, you will find puzzles that you can solve by using the different skills of these panda brothers. From an enchanting fantasy realm to the serene hamlets of Japan, try to find a way out in each level. Make the pandas climb on each other to reach a high platform or throw the little panda brother above an obstacle to activate that lever! Fight with dragons, goblins, pirates, and more with these fantastic free games.

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We collected all the fun 3 Pandas games for you to enjoy here at Kizi. Dive into the colorful world of the three adventurous panda brothers with the games we’ve gathered at this page, for free!

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