What are the most popular Tower Defense Games at Kizi?

  1. Clash of Armour
  2. Kingdom Rush
  3. Bloons Tower Defense 5
  4. Stickman Army: The Defenders
  5. Cursed Treasure
  6. Stickman Army: The Resistance
  7. Slime Rush TD 2
  8. Tower Defense Kingdom
  9. Defend Home
  10. Toy Defense

What are the best Tower Defense Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Zombie Night
  2. UFO Attack TD
  3. Slime Rush TD
  4. Stickman Army: The Defenders
  5. Towers vs Ice Cubes

What are Tower Defense Games?

In Tower Defense games, you're on the front lines to protect your base. In these games, you place different units or towers to the sides of the road leading to your village, castle, or base. Enemies will approach in waves, and you have to stop them before they get a chance to enter your lands.

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Tower Defense (or TD) games are a super-addictive type of game in which you have to defend your territory against waves of incoming enemies. The enemy army is marching toward your village or stronghold. To get there, they must travel down a winding path, and this is where you’ll have the opportunity to impede their advance! Find the best locations along the path to build defensive structures such as cannons and archers’ towers. As your enemies march by, your archers, soldiers, wizards can hit the enemy hordes with a barrage of attacks. For each attacker you take down, you can earn a little bit of money. Purchase new towers or upgrade your existing turrets and units. Tower defense games are a popular subgenre of strategy games. If you want to play more games in which clever planning and resource management are key, check out our strategy page for more!

Play free online Tower Defense and protect your base

There are lots of different types of tower defense games with different themes and a variety of upgrade options. In each level, you will have to manage your resources wisely and buy the towers and units most suited to the threats you’re facing. Are you dealing with multiple waves of smaller monsters, or an extra tough boss character? In some games, you can permanently upgrade each unit, or hire a special character called a hero. In Turret defense games, the hero can move all over the path and assist your towers in targeting powerful enemies and bosses that are hard to damage and kill. Repair your towers and try to collect enough experience points to increase your chances of survival. Sometimes, you can call in extra units to destroy the enemy waves, or build walls and traps to obstruct the road. Make clever use of these extra security measures if they are available to you!

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If you want to play Tower Defense games on PC, tablet, and mobile, you’ve come to the right place! Many public networks at schools and in workplaces try to block online gaming content, but at Kizi you can keep playing our unblocked games wherever you go. Here at Kizi, the fun never stops!