No need to force your imagination to create enemies while playing with these toy soldiers! Delve into the World War 1 era and command your units in Toy Defense. Play through more than 20 levels as you try to put a stop to the waves of enemy attacks as you try to protect your base by placing well-trained units in strategic locations on the map. Grab your binoculars, commander. The enemy is approaching!

Toy defense is a fun tower defense game where you have to defend your base from your enemies. The game takes place during the World War 1 era. How tough are you? Are you a soft officer who can’t operate under the stress of the warzone or are you an expert commander who feels energized by the heat of battle? Choose from two different difficulties and show your prowess as a commander on the battlefield! Toy Defense has a similar objective to other tower defense games. You have to defend your base from the waves of enemies. You have 4 primary units to place, each with different stats, such as damage types and attack speeds. They are the Rifleman, the Flamethrower, the Cannon, and the Ack-ack. Placing these units costs a currency called badges. You earn badges by killing enemies and completing levels. Each one of your units has different badge costs. You have limited space in each level so plan your defense strategy carefully. Some enemies are resistant to certain types of damage so try to use a variety of units to get the best results. If an enemy slips past your defenses and infiltrates your base, you will lose health points. You have a total of 100 health points on each level. Having a hard time fending off the enemy? You can upgrade your units and show your enemy that you won't give up!

Conquer the battlefield and protect your base. If your enemies are persistent, you are unyielding! Go ahead and browse our collection of other Tower Defense games! Try out the famous Bloon Tower Defense 5, Kingdom Rush or its sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers.


Melesta Games developed this game.

Release Date



  • 14 different achievements to earn
  • 2 different difficulties
  • Upgrades
  • 4 different units


Use your mouse to play the game.