Join the fight in Kingdom Rush and hear the clash of swords on the battlefield! You must protect your kingdom from the goblins, orcs, and other mangy beasts! Belonging to the Tower Defense genre, Kingdom Rush has intuitive gameplay with nice graphics. Grab your helmet and get ready to train troops as the most favorite commander of your king. With you on the battlefield, those beasts will regret their invasion attempt.

Your objective is to defeat all the enemy waves and prevent them from reaching your side. To do that, place various troops and towers on the map. There are 4 types of towers in total, each with different unit types. Barracks train soldiers while archer towers house marksmen. Mage towers will give you a mage and lastly, bomb towers provide a more explosive solution to your invasion problem with their explosives. You have limited slots on each level, so plan your defense carefully. Place your towers strategically. Some enemies are resistant to certain types of damage so keep that in mind. When things get too messy, you can use additional help! Reinforcements will keep your enemies busy for a brief time. With Rain of Fire, you can summon meteors from the skies and do great damage to your foes. Both towers and the additional powers can be upgraded with the stars you earn at the end of each level. As you unlock new upgrades, your enemies will also become more varied. From simple highwaymen to gargoyles, you'll encounter many enemies. Pay attention to their stats and weaknesses to defeat them. You only have 20 lives and each enemy will decrease it if you let them breach your defenses. Try to survive as best as you can and unlock new levels to show your prowess! Make your king proud and your enemies afraid!

Keep the roads to your kingdom safe with Kingdom Rush. Do you enjoy strategy games? Check out Castle Defender to protect your castle as an archer or Pirates War to claim the seas for yourself!


Ironhide Game Studios developed this game, as well as Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Clash of The Olympians.

Release Date

28 July 2011


  • Multiple upgrades available
  • Special skills
  • Various tower types
  • Special reinforcements


Use your mouse to play.