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Free card games for kids and adults

Free online card games are a great way to relax, and they’re popular with both younger and older players at Kizi. There are lots of different card games to explore on this page, including card-shedding games like Uno, trick-taking games like Klaverjass, and lots of different variations on patience (solitaire with cards). In fact, solitaire card games remain vastly popular among our online players. So take a moment to wind down and have fun with one of our many free card games.

How to play card games like solitaire

Solitaire is played with one or more traditional card decks. In solitaire, the cards are shuffled and arranged on the table in rows, with some cards lying face up and some face down. This starting layout is called the tableau. At the top, you can see a number of empty cells. Depending on the amount of card decks used, this might be four cells or eight cells. These are the foundation piles where you can start discarding the cards by suit, building up from the ace all the way through to the king. Stack the cards of the tableau on top of each other by rank (the numbers and court cards) and suit (the shapes), or stack them by rank while alternating colors. If you can’t see any more possible moves to make, tap on the stock pile to draw extra cards. Your objective is to clear away all of the tableau by stacking the cards onto the correct foundation piles.

More free online card games

There are numerous variations on classic solitaire, including freecell, spider solitaire, crescent solitaire, algerian patience, and pyramid solitaire. These games are all designed to be played alone. However, we also have a number of party games, such as Uno. Uno is played with a game-specific card deck. That means the deck of cards was specifically designed for this game. In Uno, you have to get rid of your cards before the other players do. Place the right cards on the discard pile, and use action cards to hinder your opponents. Enjoy our fantastic selection of card games for adults and kids at Kizi!