The legendary card game is back with Solitaire Farm Seasons 2! Enjoy life out of the city, play your favorite card game, and tend to your crops at night! Let's leave the monotonous daily work behind and find out what awaits you in the countryside!

Your favorite solitaire challenge is here with more levels, surprise bonuses, and addictive gameplay! You can now lay back, enjoy the stunning sunset, and deal the cards for a match because, in this world, it is all about farming and cards! You can start your journey by following the tutorial steps and learning the basics. You must collect the cards by arranging them from smaller to bigger or the opposite. Watch the score bar above fill up with your moves, and win all the stars! Now you are ready for some farming duty. Continue your journey through the levels, and unlock new areas on your farm. You can plant fruits and plants in these fields. Enjoy the minigames between stages, take care of your lands, and become a master of cards in the meanwhile! Get better with each match and take your best score higher with consecutive move combos! Let's see if you can handle these two missions together!

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Softgames developed Solitaire Farm Seasons 2.

Release Date

March 2023


  • New chapters from the saga
  • Player-friendly interface
  • Two games in one!
  • Relaxing environment with challenging matches
  • Surprise rewards


You can use your mouse to play this game.