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Here at Kizi, we’ve got a great selection of online math games for you to play. On this page, you’ll find lots of fun titles featuring sums, number sequences, logic puzzles, and other math-related challenges gamified. We’ve got a range of playable items with different difficulty settings, so you can choose a grade-appropriate level to get started. With these entertaining and educational math games, you’ll be a math whizz in no time. Looking for other educational games to enjoy utside of the classroom? Check out our overview of tricky word games, or test your knowledge of the world with our challenging geography games. We have a lot of educational games available on Kizi!

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You learn quicker when you’re having fun, and with these games improving your skills never feels like studying. Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication. You can learn how to divide numbers, understand fractions, calculate percentages, and slice shapes into the right size. The more familiar you become with numbers, shapes, and systems, the faster and better you become at solving challenging math problems. Your math skills are needed to win road races, destroy the zombies, and pop bubbles. Hone your skills and beat each level. Can you complete every game? Good luck!

The best math games for mobile and PC unblocked

Math games are fun and educational, but gaming content is often blocked on school networks. Luckily, you won’t run into that problem with Kizi’s unblocked math games. Our content is always accessible online, whether you’re at home or using a public network at school or in the library. Enjoy our free titles on your PC or laptop, or play on the go with your tablet or mobile phone. At Kizi, you can always keep playing our online math games, whenever you want and wherever you go.