Beat mathematics in 2048 X2 Merge Blocks! Are you good at math, or do you think you kind of blow it when it comes to the four operations? It doesn't matter if you use your math skills or trust your gut feelings, you will do great in this fun puzzle game!

This game brings you a classic puzzle game that has been quite a phenomenon around the world. You now have the chance to savor the moment of solving the most addictive puzzle ever on your computer with vivid visuals and assistive options! Here, what you must do is to merge the blocks with the same numbers. This operation will sum up the value of the two or three blocks that you get together. Your main aim is to have a few blocks with the highest number possible. Start by merging blocks with small numbers and try to get a block with the number 2048 on it! You can check the next block to better calculate in your mind the best row to place the blocks to. Let’s see if you can be the master of numbers and blocks in this fun game!

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Inlogic Software developed 2048 X2 Merge Blocks.

Release Date

January 20, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Challenging game experience

• Intuitive skills

• Playing around with numbers

• Addictive gameplay


You can use the mouse of your computer to drop the numbers.