It’s time to work your way with math in Count Master! You have a whole army for yourself at hand. To be able to conquer everywhere with your soldiers, you need a crowded army that outnumbers your enemies. Now, it is in your hands to make your army bigger. Let’s see if you can use your math skills to achieve this!

This game not only lets you conquer all the places with your soldiers but also gives you a quick update on your math skills. You will have a certain number of stickman soldiers in the beginning. Your aim is to let at least one stickman see the finish line. The more soldiers you have, the more the coins you will earn will be. There will be some blockades and groups of enemies which will cause your army to shrink. Thus, you need to go through the four operations portals that will create more soldiers for you. Try not to be out of soldiers in the middle of the platform. Also, make sure to try out new skins and colors. Let’s see now how many levels you can see using your sharp math skills!

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2Play developed Count Master.

Release Date

May 02, 2022


• 3D colorful graphic

• Multiple levels to complete

• Requirement of mathematic skills

• Skins and colors to unlock


You can use the mouse to slide your characters side by side through the platform.