Dive into the deep space with Merge Push! This game brings a new style to the classic merge game that you know and love. This time you are somewhere far away in space floating with numbers. You have a fun task that will need for you to use your mathematical intelligence. Are you ready to challenge your skills now?

In this game, like in a classic merge game, you aim to get together the identical blocks and let them merge into one other block. In this game, when you have a block merged into another block, you get a block with a consecutive number. So, when you start with a block with number 2, you must get at least two of those blocks side by side to get the block with number 4. You should mind that when you merge a block and get a new block, the number on the merging blocks will increase arithmetically. This, way you won't run out of space in the given time since you will get one block from two or three blocks. Your aim, at one point, is not to run out of space. This will be possible because when you merge some blocks, you will see the barrier going up in the table while you earn points with each block you merge. You will be given the new block you will send among the blocks, below the grid. You can simply click on the square that you want the block to be sent. Now, clear your mind to have successful strategies in combining the numbers!

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2play developed Merge Push.

Release Date
December 15, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Need for strategic thinking
• Intuitive controls
• Time and space pressure!
• Fun merge puzzle

You can use the mouse of your computer to send the blocks.