Let your arrows talk in Arrow Fest! It’s time for you to sharpen your aiming skills, but with tens of arrows this time. This is not a classic bull’s eye type of arrow game, so get ready to be surprised and make sure you are prepared for hundreds of arrows!

This is a math-including platform game in which you will choose your destiny by your own hands. In the beginning, you will have a certain number of arrows. Your task is to multiply these arrows to get as many arrows as you can. The more arrows you have, the more coins you will earn in the end. These coins will come in handy while unlocking new skins, upgraded arrow numbers at the beginning at each level, or more coin earnings. Through the platform, you will have many moments to choose from two portals to pass through. You need to quickly calculate which mathematical operation on those portals will be better for the arrow count. Don’t forget that you will also have some characters on your way that will cause you some arrows if you bump into them. Now, get ready to enhance your arrow game, and let’s see how many levels you will complete!

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2Play developed Arrow Fest.

Release Date

October 05, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Requirement of mathematic skills

• Skins and upgrades to unlock


You can use the mouse to slide your arrows side by side through the platform.