Run on a platform built above clouds and grow in size to defeat a giant boss with Tallman Run! Pick up the boosters to get taller and wider, reach the finish line, run through a final course, and collect every diamond you can touch! Let’s learn more about this curious race!

This race is not about speed; it’s about your height! Drinking milk and getting eight hours of sleep is cool, but have you tried stepping through height-boosting portals? This is how you grow in this realm. You must walk through the green portals, avoid bombs and traps, and pick up the size boosters to add more muscles to your body. Use trampolines to jump over enemies and red portals, sneak past barriers, and make it to the score multiplier without losing all your muscles and height. Once you make it there, you will get judged and start losing weight and height with each step. You still pass the level even if you cannot make it to the boss, but if you can, you finish him with a deadly blow to the face, and land on a sweet treasure of diamonds! You can also add to that final treasure and watch a short ad to multiply your diamonds by five!

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2Play developed Tallman Run.

Release Date

August 15, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Changing backgrounds

Fun space theme

Upgradable stats

Thrilling bossfights

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to play this game.