Save your little puppy and make him happy in Protect My Dog! Little pets can sometimes be very adventurous and get themselves in trouble. So, get ready to keep an eye on your little friend!

In this puzzle game, your whole focus should be on protecting your little dog. You will see him standing on different platforms and mostly near dangerous spots like next to beehives. Even if he does nothing, it’s no surprise that he will get stung by those bees. So, keep an eye on him and draw lines around him that will protect him from those bees. You should also mind the platforms he is standing on so that he won’t fall off the edges with bees’ forces and hurt himself. Now, complete this vital task through a total of forty exciting levels and come off clean and happy with your beloved pet!

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Gameloft SE developed Meow Meow Life.

Release Date

November 02, 2022


• Colourful 2D graphics

• 40 levels

• Intuitive controls

• Rewarded ads are available if you have difficulty passing a level


Drag the cursor to draw lines around your pet.