Let the magic take you on a journey in Wizard School! You are one of the luckiest people on earth and you were born as a wizard. Now, it’s time to give in all you got to prove that you deserve what you were gifted with. Let’s get on this journey together!

Now, get ready to be bedazzled by the magic world of wizards. You are managing a whole wizard school. Although you are a wizard yourself and have great powers, you will see for yourself that it is not easy to run this school. Here, you will assign staff, manga systems, or upgrade classrooms. This epic strategy game has detailed characters, magical systems you will enjoy, and colorful graphics. Follow the assistive narration and simply click on the options to operate all your tasks. Use your coins and build up good strategies about what to upgrade or how to manage the whole school. Now, enjoy the magic and witness a whole new world with great details besides challenging your management skills!

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Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd developed Wizard School.

Release Date

June 21, 2022


2D detailed graphics

Strategic thinking

Systems to upgrade

Saving money and spending the money you saved

Narration to follow

Assistive tutorial


You can use the left-click to choose options.