In Imperia Online, it is time to enter the Medieval Era! Build your empire from the ground up, guide its great rulers and lead it to prosperity! Will you be a mighty conqueror, a cunning diplomat, or a fearless warrior? Will you lead your allies towards a common goal? Have fun!

In this medieval MMO strategy game, you will become a legendary emperor and expand your kingdom. To win dominance in great PVP encounters, alliance fights, and global events, build an army, find strong alliances, and show the best tactical approach. Establish the best offensive strategy to smash your opponents and defend your stronghold invincibly. Are you ready? Then register and jump into the game right away! Your objective is to build your kingdom and expand it. To make it happen, you need a good strategy and have the best military! Construct buildings that will enable you to manufacture iron, wood, and stone cost-effectively. Allocate the populace to these three main information sources. Build universities to learn more about military tactics. To expand your kingdom, collect taxes. But don't miss that! If an emperor does not make his people satisfied, they will revolt. Prepare archers and soldiers for fighting by training them. Be a lone wolf or seek out allies to help you on the way to victory. Create a royal family of commanders and governors you can trust to control your domains and expand it. Participate in high-stakes competitions where you can put your strategy skills to the test in battle and potentially capture desired territories. Have fun!

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Imperia Online JSC developed Imperia Online.

Release Date

February 19, 2021


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Involving construction
  • Battles to win
  • An empire to build


You can use your mouse to play this game.