The menacing shadows of the dark fortress rise in the middle of the land! Join the battle and compete with other lords from the surrounding kingdoms in! As one of the best dot io games, combines a medieval world filled with knights, dark sorcerers, and dragons with the competitive gameplay of the amazing dot io genre. Grab your sword, secure your tabard, and don your helmet as you command an army of various units! Only the most resourceful and powerful lord could capture the dark fortress, so you’d better start now!

The sounds of clashing swords and soldiers’ thrilling battle cries fill the battlefield. Muster your men and get ready to face other lords. In this dot io game, you will have to fight against other players in The one who has the biggest army wins the battle. Recruiting soldiers and creating an army that will cause your enemies to tremble requires resources. As you travel through the map, you will see gold coins scattered around. Collect these gold coins so that you can afford to train units for your army. Once you have collected enough gold, you can start to build an army. You have a total of 9 unit types to summon. Each provides a different advantage on the battlefield and has different stats. The amount of gold you need to summon each unit varies so the more gold you have the greater variety and numbers your army will have. Units are not the only thing that will lead you to victory! You should also place different buildings to have the upper hand on the battlefield. You can’t win a war with a 5-man army! You must build houses to increase the population limit of your army. Running low on gold and too busy fending off enemy players to collect money? Explore the map and find an unclaimed gold mine and place a mine on it to get back on track! Be careful, though. Other players are also trying to claim gold mines and they won’t hesitate to attack your buildings. Protect your efforts by placing guard towers near them and show those greedy lords that they’d better find another target to pester!

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Developer is developed by Spinbot Studio.

Release Date

November 2017


  • Build a massive army
  • Defend your base from enemy attacks
  • Variety of units to summon
  • Different buildings to place


Move your mouse to control your character. Press the E key to build a house, the R key to build a tower, the T key to summon a soldier, the Y key to summon a knight, the U key to summon an archer, the I key to summon a barbarian, the O key to summon a dragon, and the space bar to split your army.