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Dynamons World

Dynamons World

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 132539 votes

Dynamons World Description

Elemental creatures are lurking in the caves and forests, so be careful! Can you catch and train them all in Dynamons World? Welcome to the colorful world of strange pocket monsters that possess elemental powers and special attacks. Collect your own Dynamons and fight others to add them to your team. With proper training and exercise, every one of your creatures can become a master fighter!

Go on an exciting journey in Dynamons World, where you try to catch and train all kinds of little pocket monsters. Start your adventure by choosing your very first Dynamon! Look how cute it is! Who can imagine the kinds of powers these little animals possess, despite their cute appearance? Belonging to one of 5 different types, each Dynamon has certain weaknesses and strengths. For example, water type Dynamons are resistant to damage caused by fire and shadow Dynamons, but they'll receive extra damage from the attacks of plant and electricity type of Dynamons. As you progress through levels and zones, you'll encounter many different kinds of creatures with varying power levels. Practice makes perfect! You can level up your pocket monsters by winning battles with them. At certain power levels, you will unlock new skills and attacks. Need more team members? You can catch wild Dynamons if you reduce their health to a certain point. Once you catch them, they'll become part of your team and you can use them in battles against other wild Dynamons and Dynamon Captains. You are not the only trainer in the world! There are many NPCs who will challenge you to a fight! You can't catch their Dynamons, though. Dynamons World also has lots of cool multiplayer features! You can visit the arena and fight other players from around the world. Catch all the different Dynamons that exist and become the victor of the arena! Win battles and level up your Dynamons so that you can become the best Dynamon trainer ever!

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Functu created Dynamons World.

Release Date

November 2016


  • Nice graphics with cute creatures
  • NPC and PvP Dynamon Battles
  • Different rare and elemental types
  • Lots of unique Dynamons to catch


Use your mouse to play this game.

Strategy Management Dynamons

Walkthrough > Dynamons World

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