Eviction without a notice? Ridiculous! Snail Bob was enjoying an ordinary day in his cozy and cute little home in the first installment of the series, Snail Bob 1: Finding Home. Suddenly, Bob's meal time was interrupted by bulldozers arriving to demolish his house! When Bob ran out to see what was going on, he was grabbed by one of the construction machines and flung far away! With his home in ruins, poor Snail Bob needs your help to find a new place to call home. Help Bob make his way through lots of entertaining levels. Bob is brave, but a bit of an airhead, so its up to you to make sure no harm comes to him. Are you ready to become Snail Bob's trusty travel companion?

Snail Bob 1: Finding Home is the first game of the Snail Bob series. This game introduces our cute and determined protagonist, Snail Bob. Now that his house has been demolished, Bob is on the move. To get away from the bulldozers, Bob will need a helping hand to tell him when to stop and when to start moving again. The construction site is full of hazards, and Bob usually fails to take notice of the various dangers that lie ahead. Use the tools available in each level to create a safe path for Bob, allowing him to reach the exit without getting killed or stuck.

Bob probably wont even notice the danger hes in, but these levels are filled the the brim with different challenges and fun puzzles to solve! Pull the levers, push the buttons, and set the pistons in motion. When Bob is forging ahead too quickly, you can tap on him to make him pause. Hell retreat into his shell and take a nap. In the meanwhile, you can move all the dangerous elements out of his way. When everything is set in place, you can give Bob a tap the get him moving again. Sometimes, Bob will need to move along quickly to avoid a particular hazard. To adjust Bob's speed, you can use the button located in the top left corner of the screen. Can you help him reach Bob new home and live happily ever after?

If you like Snail Bob as much as we do, then you should definitely check out his next adventure, Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party, as well. Have fun playing!


Hunter Hamster developed Snail Bob 1: Finding Home.


  • 20 different levels to play
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.