In Treasures of the Mystic Sea fun puzzle game, let's find out if you can discover the seven mystic seas and get all the marvelous treasures! This is a classic matching icon game in which you can use many boosters to help you out. The objective of the game is to remove the treasure icons in the brown area during the given time. If you are ready, let's start the game now!

In the mystic world of pirates, you have a big map of places to discover. In each one, lots of precious treasures are waiting for you! When you start the game, you are supposed to choose one of the four slots. Your objective in each slot is to remove all the icons on the marked area, and then you will be moving on to another place to be discovered. On the left side of the screen, you can see the boosters and what they work for. You need to remove the glowing icons to charge the boosters and be able to use them. What is more important in the game is that you will be given a limited time to complete the level. If you fail when the time is up, you need to restart the present level. Good luck and enjoy!

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Feig Ltd. developed this game.

Release Date

March 11, 2020


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Plenty of areas to discover on the map
  • Matching icons
  • Multiple levels to complete


You can play it with your mouse.