In Hexa, play with blocks made from hexagons, and try your best to collect as many points as you can! These blocks come in all shapes so you should think before you place them on the board. How many points can you earn in a single run?

Your objective in this game is to place these blocks on the board and fill rows and columns diagonally or in a straight line. By doing this, the hexagons filling the rows and columns will be removed and you will earn points. However since the blocks come in different shapes, you should be careful when placing them. Filling up the board to the brim and not leaving enough space for the blocks will cause the game to end. You can see the blocks you will use at the bottom of the screen. The longer you can play the more points you can earn, so keep your board as clean as you can to have enough space for more blocks! Enjoy!

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Agame developed Hexa.

Release Date

November 1, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay
  • Differently shaped blocks to place
  • A hexagon-shaped board


Use your mouse to play.