In Military Shooter Training, its time to get your sniper skills ready before facing your opponents. In this fun mix of skills and shooting games, use your precision, agility, and a little luck with the wind to hit the bullseye in every level! Can you complete every challenging stage and then take on everyone who stands in your way?

Being a sniper isnt about mere luck. You need to have the precision and the timing skills necessary to hit every target with a single bullet. And in this game, this is what you can practice! In Military Shooter Training, click and hold with your mouse to zoom and aim and release it to send your bullet through the air. Hit the 10x every time to get extra stars and earn some coins along the way! After you get used to hitting the bullseye in one try, check out other game modes this game has to offer. You can go up against other players in the multiplayer mode, or test what skills youve improved with the time race mode. You can also improve your bullets, sniper rifle, and other equipment with the coins you earn.

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Great Games developed Military Shooter Training.

Release Date

October 6, 2020


  • 5 weapon and bullet options to unlock
  • Different game modes; Stage, Time Race, Multiplayer
  • Realistic gameplay with easy controls
  • Colorful graphics


You only need your mouse to play this game.