Shuffle your cards and become the winner of the table in Ocho! Get your deck in your hands and be careful to choose the best cards to draw. If you are lucky and talented enough, you can win this game!

This is a card game that you can enjoy with your friends or with an online rival if you are playing alone. Either way, you will enjoy the sweet excitement of the famous card game. In this card-shedding game, each party will have 8 random cards dealt for themselves. In the middle, there will be a card taken from the spare deck on the left of the screen. You will take turns clockwise and choose a card from your deck that is the same color, number, or the same special car as the one in the middle. Always make sure that you make use of special cards like 8 Wild Card, Skip Card, Reverse Card, Draw 2, or Draw 4 Wild cards. The player who discards all their cards first will win the game!

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2Play developed Ocho.

Release Date

December 05, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

2, 4, 6 player modes are available

Special cards to spice up the game

Addictive game experience


You can use your mouse to choose options.