In Phase 10, it's time to challenge other players with the amazing cards in your hand! Offering fun and challenging gameplay to players, get ready to turn the tables and earn points in this game. Shuffle the cards and start playing now.

In this game, you try to pass each level by completing different goals before your opponents. These are called phases, and they usually require you to group different cards. You start the game in the first area. Only the first level is available at the start, but you can unlock the rest by completing open levels. Clicking on a level to see the goals you have to complete to pass it. When the game starts each player will receive cards. Click and drag the suitable cards to the phase decks in the middle of the screen. Click on the question mark button in the corner to see what you should do to complete a phase. When you complete one and empty your hand, you'll win the game. In further levels, there is more than one phase to complete to win a level. Good luck playing!

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Mattel developed Phase 10.

Release Date

February 3, 2020


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Lots of different levels to complete
  • Multiplayer gameplay option
  • Simple controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.