We all know the catch phrase of everyone’s favorite series: “Gotta catch ‘em all!” But to catch all of the pokemon, first you need to find them. Join Find My Pokemon Go and start flipping cards to find the hidden pokemon! Are you a true pokemon master or just a casual dreamer? Prove your worth through the levels of increasing difficulty and find them all!

Find My Pokemon Go is an entertaining card game with colorful graphics and many different pokemon cards. From Charmander to Squirtle, you will encounter the playing card decks of many popular, cute, and powerful pokemon in this game. These collectible cards will be facing down when you start the game and the challenge starts here. A true pokemon trainer should be charismatic, but most importantly, they should have a sharp mind. As the player, your objective is to find the pairs in each level and clear the board. To flip a card, simply click on it. The one you choose will stay open until you choose another one. Once you’re ready, you can take another card and if you can find the pair of the first card, they will disappear from the board. At first, you have to deal with few cards but as you advance through the game, you will have to sort through many more cards. In the upper left corner of the game screen, you can see your timer. If you can’t finish the level before the timer hits zero, you will lose the level. Try to be quick and remember the locations of the pokemons so you can complete each level with ease. Successfully pairing cards will earn you points. How many points will you earn?

From tarot cards to poker, lots of different card decks are waiting for you in our collection of card games.


  • Lots of different Pokemon
  • Colorful graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Challenging levels


Use your mouse to play this game.