Get ready to feel the addictive side of having fun with 4 Fun Colors Classic. You probably have played this game before but if not, you will be introduced to a new kind of fun with this game. In this card game, all you are dealing with are colors and numbers. So, get your deck and focus on the colors and numbers of your cards. Other than that, enjoy the friendly competition, and the fun time you'll be having.

In this fun group game, you are served some cards of 4 colors with numbers varying from 1-9 in the beginning. This number of cards changes according to the number of players you choose. To put a card in the middle when it’s your turn, you must follow certain rules. You should choose a card of the same color or with the same number of the card in the middle. Unless you have such a card, you can't use one of the cards in your hand. In that case, you can always pick one card from the spare deck. There are also some other types of cards with different features. The skip card makes the next player miss their turn. Reverse card switches the direction of the game. The wild card can be used upon any card in the middle and lets you demand any card of any color. The action cards let you demand any color you wish and make the opponent draw two extra cards while missing a card. Finally, the wild draw four card lets you demand any color you wish and makes the opponent pick four extra cards, but you can only use this card when you have no other option. Don't forget to press the ‘1’ button when you only have one card left. So, get ready to experience the best and most classical group fun now!

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QPLAZE LLC developed 4 Colors Classic.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Multiple options for the number of players
• Action cards to spice up the game
• Intuitive skills
• Addictive game experience

You can use your mouse to choose options.