Kizi’s free online board games are fun for the whole family

Board games are a popular form of entertainment on holiday and at family gatherings. Everybody can gather around the table and chat while playing. Perfect for those days when the weather isn’t quite as nice as hoped for. However, not everyone is always up for a board game (or maybe some or your family members are sore losers…). No matter! There are plenty of other people to play board games with online, so set up a game room and invite your friends. You can also allow these games to select random opponents for you, or you can play against one or more AI opponents to practice your skills. As an added bonus, you’ll never lose the dice or pawns, and you don’t have to clean up afterwards either. So gather round the board and let’s start playing!

Pick your favorite type of board games to play

Board games have been around since ancient times, and a number of board games are based on military strategy. While luck is an important component in board games using dice and randomly assigned tiles or special cards, strategy and diplomacy often play a significant role, too. Games like Chess, Go, and Checkers are entirely skill-based, while a player’s choices in moving pieces across the board also strongly influence the outcome in dice-rolling games such as Backgammon and Ludo. In some games with multiple players, such as Uno, Risk, or The Settlers of Catan, players can also choose a simple or advanced diplomatic strategy. Simple strategies include briefly working together to prevent a particularly successful player from winning. Advanced strategies involve more complex and long-term planning, with the possibility of allied players suddenly betraying you. Do you love the strategy component of board games most of all? Be sure to take a peek at our strategy games selection too!

The best board games unblocked for PC and mobile

Play addicting board games on mobile, tablet, and PC wherever you go! At Kizi, you can access the best unblocked games on public networks at school, work, or in the library. Throw the dice and try to win!