Strategize your way to the top of the real estate world in Billion Marble! Bring your own opponent or choose AI as your enemy, then roll the dice! Move around the map and leave your mark everywhere you go while your enemies try to buy the most valuable spots on the board!

The classic board game of family unions is now one click away from you! Gather your friends or relatives, and create a game room to share the fun with them. You can also play against AI and practice new strategies. To begin, all players roll a dice to determine who goes first. Now, the first player can pick their character, roll the dice again, and move to their next destination. Here, they can purchase the land, add some upgrades to increase its value, or pass the opportunity and pass it to the next player. The players that reach the special tiles will be rewarded or punished, while the purchased lands will return to their owners, multiplying their values. Spend your money strategically and always keep a Plan B for hard times, so that you can escape the Desert Island or wipe off an enemy if you get the chance.

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BUSIDOL developed Billion Marble.

Release Date

August 21, 2023


  • Single and multiplayer game modes
  • Customizable character avatars
  • Detailed tutorials
  • Fun for all ages
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.