Mamma mia! You’re at Papa's Pizzeria! Get ready to knead the dough, grate the cheese and spread delicious tomato sauce all over the baked pizza crust! In Papa's Pizzeria, you’ll become the chef with the best pizzas in the town. Put a smile the faces of your customers as you write up orders and step into the kitchen to prepare them. Time to cook everybody's favorite food!

Don't worry. You don't have to answer any questions about why pizzas are round but their boxes are square. Instead, start the game by choosing a save slot and entering your name. Your objective as the player is to take orders from your customers and fulfill them as best as you can. There are 4 stations that you should pay attention to as you play the game. The order station is where your customers give their orders. Pay attention to the details of each order. They include information about the toppings, cooking time, and how your customers prefer you to cut their pizza. At the topping station, you can choose condiments to put on the pizza. Check the order to see what your customers want on their pizza. When the pizza has been assembled, it’s time to pop it into the oven! Take your pizza to the baking station. Keep an eye on the timer as your customers have a preferred cooking time. Once it’s done, you can cut the pizza! Cut the pizza into the chosen number of slices at the cutting station and you’ll be ready to deliver your order. Try to meet all the requirements to earn bigger tips and more points. There are lots of customers with different tastes. Can you keep them all satisfied?

The first game of the series, Papa's Pizzeria combines the management and cooking genres with addictive and entertaining gameplay. Do you enjoy being a chef? Check out the other Papa's Games in our collection!


Papa's Pizzeria was developed by Flipline Studios. The company also developped the famous titles Papa's Freezeria, Papa's Sushiria and Papa's Scooperia.

Release Date

14 March 2016


  • Lots of recipes to try
  • Various customers with different tastes
  • Pizzas!
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.