The mayhem and deafening explosions are back with the sixth game of the wildly popular game series, Bomb It 6! The battleground has become subject to a rain of bombs, and you should turn this weird situation into an advantage by manipulating the explosives to reach your ultimate goal! Step onto the field but watch your head! You can never know where a bomb will land on the battlefield! Do you have the strategic thinking skills and impeccable timing to defeat your opponents before they succeed at reducing you to ashes? If you want to find out, press that start button and let your journey begin!

Where are your bombs? Who needs to carry such heavy things when they literally rain from the sky? In the sixth game of this amazingly entertaining series, you don’t have to carry bombs around to blow things up! Instead, the bombs rain from the sky periodically and you should push them toward your opponents before they detonate. Bomb It 6 is full of new additions and it features 5 different game modes instead of 4 like the previous games of the series! With this many modes, we are sure you will find a challenge that will keep you entertained for hours. The arcade mode stays the same and you should try to kill all of your enemies. In the battle royale game mode, kill 10 enemies and claim the title of the victor! The green zone mode offers fun gameplay where you have to occupy ten green zones. Can’t resist the gleaming gold? Then the treasure trail is just the mode for you, in which you have to collect 10 coins! Think you can handle more? You can adjust the difficulty, player amount, levels, and other options before you start a game to create the perfect game for you!

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Bomb It 6 is developed by Spil Games, as well as the latest version released: Bomb It 7.

Release Date

November 2013


  • 5 different game modes
  • Unlockable outfits
  • Many characters to play
  • 2D graphics


In 1-player mode, use the arrow keys to move and the space bar key to push a bomb. In 2-player mode, use the WASD keys to move and the space bar to place a bomb as player 1. Use the arrow keys to move and the ENTER key to place a bomb as player 2.