In Kingdom Wars, time has changed, and there is no need for weapons to win against the rival lords. Instead, try to bankrupt them by emptying their pockets with all the estates you own! Are you ready to eliminate your rivals and claim the land for your own?

Roll the dice and make wise investment decisions to be ahead of the rival lords. Your objective in this game is to claim as much land as you can and be the last-standing player. When you begin you will see three different characters in addition to yours. The game plays like a board game, and each character will roll a dice and move according to the amount they get from their roll when it is their turn. There are 24 spots for players to buy. Once you land on an available spot, you can buy it. Enemy players who land on your spot have to pay you money. When you have all three spots next to each other, you can build houses on them and also upgrade them. This will increase the amount of money your rivals have to pay you once they land on them. This rule applies to you as well. There are also 4 chance card spots, and when you land on these you will have a random card. You can either earn coins or lose depending on your luck. Landing on the prison spot will send you to the prison, and landing on mine will reward you with a small amount of money. A player loses the game when they run out of money and can't pay their debts. They will be placed in jail with no means to escape. If you are low on money to pay a debt, you can sell a land you own. You can also buy other players' lands when you land on it.

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ISS Games Studio developed Kingdom Wars.

Release Date

October 17, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay
  • 24 different spots to buy
  • Different chance card scenarios


Use your mouse to play.