Play Guess Who Multiplayer, the fun party game! How good you are at guessing? Can you guess who the hidden character is? If you think you can do it, test your skills with Guess Who Multiplayer, an entertaining game that will provide hours of fun! So many characters, so many characteristics! What's the best way to find a needle in a haystack? Use your questions to narrow down the collection of faces and guess your opponent's character! If you have your questions ready, let's get started!

Once a popular tabletop game among children and adults, Guess Who is back to the game scene with 24 diverse characters to choose from and to guess. In this multiplayer game, your objective is to guess the hidden character the other player has selected. To narrow down the collection of characters before you, you’ll have to ask some clever questions. What color is their hair? Do they wear glasses? Do they have a beard? The other player will also try to guess your character by asking you similar questions. You can find these questions listed at the bottom of the game screen. You can scroll through the questions using the arrow buttons beside the question box. In the right bottom corner of the screen, you can see the preview of the other player's character board. Take this into account when answering the questions! You wouldn't want to give away a big clue that can uncover your character's identity! Some questions are more specific such as whether a character wears earrings or if they have bunny ear accessories. This is where things could get tricky. If you choose a very specific question, you might eliminate a whole lot of characters in one go. You might also end up eliminating very few, allowing your opponent to get ahead of you. Will you take the risk? You win the game by guessing your opponent’s character before they can guess yours.

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Code This Lab S.r.l.

Release Date

November 2018


  • Lots of different characters to choose from
  • Entertaining table-top game
  • Play against the computer or other players
  • Colorful new characters


Use your mouse to play this game.