Marbles Sorting is here to conquer your heart with its bright and colorful puzzles! Pick up the colorful balls and rearrange them to fill the glass tubes while the clock keeps ticking! Improve your logic skills by completing these quests before the time runs out, try both difficulty options, and see where you stand on the scoreboard!

Prepare yourself for the seasonal-themed backgrounds of falling leaves and golden sunsets because this logic puzzle comes with stunning scenes as well as addictive levels! You can start your journey from the easier stages or skip them altogether and jump right into the difficult matches! Whichever way you choose, this challenge will keep you coming back for more! You can choose your first game and start the match. There is a countdown at the top right, and it keeps decreasing your score with every passing second. It's better to keep an eye on it while strategizing your way through the level. Click on a tube to pick up the bubble at the top, and click on the destination tube to move it there. Use each tube for one type of bubble and fill them all. Don't hesitate to watch short ads to get extra time or tubes. Good luck!

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Lof Games developed Marbles Sorting.

Release Date

April 28, 2023


  • Nice autumn theme
  • Two difficulty options
  • Improving logic skills
  • Bright and colorful graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.