In Dream Pet Link, be ready to meet our little cutie animals! Before this fun puzzle game drives you crazy, you really should hold on to your memory skills. The goal of this game is to match the same cute animal icons in a limited time and pass all nine levels. If you are ready to do some matching, let's start the game!

The key point of this fun puzzle game is one hundred percent patience. When you start the game, you will see over 20 different animal icons. What you need to do is to match the same animal icons. However, it is not that simple. In order to be able to match the same ones, there should be no other icon interrupting them. You can match them upside-down, cross, or even when they are in the same line. Whichever way you want to match, just be sure it is empty between them. As you match, you get points, and you can see your total score at the end of the level. You should make a good strategic plan to finish all the icons in the given time. So, don't forget to check your remaining time and move accordingly. If you are ready, let the game begin!

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Agame developed this game.

Release Date

July 15, 2020


  • Racing against time
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • 9 levels to complete
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay


You can play it with your mouse.