In Cube Mania, match all the cubes all and increase your agility! Match three and clear the board before your time runs out to get all the stars! Do you think you can complete all the challenging levels this fun skills game has to offer?

Cube Mania combines your agility with your matching skills. You don't have a certain number of moves but you have a certain amount of time to finish the level. And did you know this fun skills game, the cubes have some delicious food on them? Your objective here is to collect 3 of the same cubes to clear them off from the board. To do that, you only need to click on the mouth-watering cubes and get them to the wooden box below. If you manage to eliminate the triplets back to back, you can create a combo and earn extra points. The faster you complete the challenging levels, the more stars you'll get! So, you need to hurry up! Oh, and don't forget to grab your diamonds and get yourself some powerups that can help you when you're stuck!

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Yizhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. has developed Cube Mania

Release Date

September 29, 2020


  • 150 challenging levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive and relaxing gameplay
  • Colorful graphics


You only need your mouse to play this game.