In Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story, Bob’s been abducted by a magical beam. He’s been left alone to fight with a dragon in a fantasy land! Reading a good bedtime story is fun, but in this seventh game of the Snail Bob series, everyone's favorite snail has been transported to a fantasy story as real as his sturdy shell. It looks like Snail Bob needs your assistance once again. Can you help him fulfill the role of a fearless warrior and beat the dragon that has been terrorizing the magical realm, or will it be too late for Bob to realize that this is not just a strange dream?

Dragons, ogres, and other mythical beasts populate the novels of the fantasy genre, and in this Snail Bob game you can experience what it is like to venture into their world. Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story has 30 different levels full of tricky puzzles that need to be solved to protect Bob on his journey back home. Bob has already put his helmet on and is ready to explore this fantasy world with your support. Your objective is to help our brave little snail survive this adventure by creating a safe passage to the exit located at the end of each level. Bob may be brave, but he’s not always very attentive to his surroundings. In fact, he’s known to be quite the daydreamer and gets distracted very easily. That means it’s up to you to look ahead and solve the puzzles to disable the traps on the road. You can manipulate the mechanisms in each level by clicking on various tools such as levers, buttons, and pistons. If a particular task takes a bit more time to solve, you can make Bob stand still and retreat into his shell, or turn him around so that he starts crawling the other way. If necessary, you can also speed him up to avoid falling into a trap or escape a dangerous mythical beast. With your help, Snail Bob is sure to find his way back home!

So many adventures, so little time! We’ve collected all of Snail Bob’s exciting adventures here at Kizi. Have you visited space with Snail Bob yet? If not, check out Snail Bob 4: Space!


Hunter Hamster Studios developed Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story.

Release Date



  • 30 different levels to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • A total of 90 stars to collect
  • Entertaining gameplay and story


Use your mouse to interact with the objects in each level. Press 1 to change Snail Bob’s direction, press 2 to speed him up, and press the space bar to make him stop.