Teach these goofy invaders a lesson in With Kingdom Rush: Frontier, because evidently they didn’t learn the last time you crossed paths! Save your kingdom once more in this entertaining tower defense sequel! Sharpen your blades and draw your bows! Only the commander whose soldiers are prepared to fight will be able to stop the waves of enemies that have turned their greedy gaze on the kingdom. Let them pay the price of their avarice! With you in command, surely no one can breach your defenses!

As a sequel to the first Kingdom Rush game, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers keeps the addictive and entertaining gameplay aspects of the previous title. With added features and new levels, are you still able to save the kingdom from the cruel beasts and spiteful invaders? Become the protector of the kingdom and the commander of its armies! Your objective is to stop the waves of enemies before they breach your defenses and invade your cities. When starting a new game, you can choose the difficulty setting you want to try. The game offers three difficulty settings: casual, normal, and veteran. Your enemies will have different HP levels in each game mode. You can also change the difficulty of each level individually. The waves of enemies will try to reach your city gates by traveling via the roads. To stop the invaders, you must place towers along the path. There are four tower types available, each providing different type of attack and varying levels of damage. Placing these towers strategically is the key to your success. Completing levels will earn you stars based on how successful your play has been. The number of lives you have left at the end of each level determines the number of stars you'll receive. You can use these stars to purchase upgrades.

Save the kingdom and become the hero! Command your troops and battle your way toward victory. If you enjoyed this TD game, don't forget to check out the prequel, Kingdom Rush!


Ironhide Game Studios developed this game, as well as the famous Clash of the Olympians.

Release Date

June 5th, 2013


  • Tower Defence game
  • Two Endless Challenges
  • Heroes can earn experience points
  • Full-color comics added to the beginning and ending of the key levels


Use your mouse to play this game.