In Super Mechs, the aliens have had the audacity to invade Earth! But they have no idea what’s waiting for them! So what if they have advanced technology and spaceships? You have monstrous war robots! Take control of one and show the aliens that this planet is not about to be invaded. Laser beams, rockets, and explosions are what you’ll be dealing with, so get prepared to show those aliens that they’ve picked the wrong planet to invade.

Super Mechs is a turn-based battle game where you control a war machine to destroy your enemies. You can fully upgrade and customize your robot to increase its damage and resistance capabilities. Play through amazing levels and turn every machine you encounter into a pile of junk! You will start out as a weak robot, but as you beat opponents and pass levels, you will earn experience points. You will unlock new levels and upgrades, such as rocket launchers, new body parts, and many more to become the ultimate killing machine. Passing levels also rewards you with coins that you can spend at the in-game shop, where you can buy tool crates to get new gear. Found a better piece than you already have? Kit yourself out! You can upgrade your gear with other pieces to increase the damage they can inflict and the protection they provide you. Prioritize upgrading your war robot as best you can, because as you progress through the campaign you will meet powerful enemies. Equip and summon your drone for extra damage, add a shield to protect yourself from enemy fire, and attach a cannon to wreak havoc on the battlefield. After seeing the mayhem you’ve unleashed on them, the aliens will consider retreating to their homeland and leave the Earth alone!

Aliens have had their gaze set on our blue planet since time immemorial. Go back in time and show the aliens that even in humanity’s most primitive times, we have never allowed an invasion, in another popular game we have in our collection, Army of Ages! And if you like to discover more, we offer a large collection of Alien games and Strategy games for you!


Tacticsoft developed this game.

Release Date

October 2012


  • Build and upgrade your robot
  • Lots of levels
  • Level up and unlock new upgrades
  • Turn based battle
  • Controls

    Use left mouse button to play.