Ages and eons may pass, but war never changes. In the second game of the popular strategy title Age of War 2, come and see how people battled each other from the Stone Age to the modern era. With many different age-specific units, you should prepare yourself for the attacks of your opponent with effective planning and strategic tactics. Can you survive the unrelenting attacks of the units of your enemy, live through the ages, and become the victor?

Age of War 2, similar to the first game of the series, takes you back in time to the Stone Age when you first start the game. Dinosaurs, bulky cavemen, and meteor showers are just a few of the many things you will encounter in this period. As the player, your objective is to train and send units to fight against your enemy and destroy their base to win the war. This is not an easy feat, as your enemy also trains units and has the same tools you have. As you kill enemies, you will earn experience points and gold coins that you can spend on many different things. Gold is used for training units. Each age has 4 units and a special attack that you can use. Experience points can be used to place turrets and eventually evolve your civilization to the next age. In order to achieve victory, you should plan ahead and try to reach the next age, because each age offers stronger units and tools than the one before. Can you survive through the ages?

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LOUISSI developed Age of War 2, as well as Age of War.


  • 4 different difficulty settings
  • 2D graphics
  • Different units to use against your enemy
  • Special powers


Use your mouse to play Age of War 2.