Welcome to the Soul Town, where every warrior tries to prove their skills in the town's arena. Play Sword and Soul and create your own warrior to prove you are the best fighter in town. With exciting battles and lots of weapons to unlock, no one can stand between you and victory! Your trophy room is empty for now, but soon it'll be filled with the symbols of your victories! Come on warrior, we have battles to win!

Sword and Soul is an RPG strategy game in which you must train your character and enter battle tournaments in the Soul Town's arena. Start by creating a character of your own. Choose the hair color, eye shape, facial hair, and other features. Your face will be the last thing that your enemies see, so be sure to make it look memorable! Once the avatar is ready, you can explore any of the marked locations in Soul Town. There are six different locations you can spend time in. "Hero" is where you spend your skill points on attributes and new weapon skills. "Arena" is the place where you fight against other warriors and earn coins. This will be your main focus throughout the game. Got beaten? No worries! Visit "Training" to level up your skills. You can upgrade your training room with decorations and new training lessons to gain better results. A warrior is only as good as their weapons! Visit the "Shop" to buy new and improved gear that will boost your stats. Want to see how far you've come? The museum keeps track of your progress. Here, you can view the trophies you've earned so far. After a long day, every fighter deserves to relax a little. You can visit your home to catch some sleep and get ready for the next battle. By spending coins, you can upgrade and improve your house as well. The nicer your house, the better you’ll be able to rest.

Hop to your feet and get ready to rule the arena, noble warrior! This battle might come to an end, but there are lots of new challenges waiting for you over at our strategy games overview page.


SoulGame Studio developed this game, as well as Rogue Soul 2.

Release Date

October 2015


  • Challenging battles
  • Unlockable weapons
  • Character customization
  • Collect all the trophies


Use your mouse to play this game.