The Mergest Kingdom opens its doors to you and welcomes you to a match-3 experience. This match-3 game won't be anything like you have ever seen before. Here, you have the chance to rebuild an entire kingdom. Are you ready to uncover the mysteries surrounding the kingdom that was once the most glorious kingdom of the Seventh Realm?

Welcome, traveler! You have found yourself quite the adventure. You're now standing in the remains of the once glorious lands of the Mergest Kingdom. It was once the safest land out of all the lands in the Seventh Realm, but all of that changed when the ents attacked. Now, you have awakened the sleeping giant and the kingdom can rise from its ashes. First, merge three helmets and awaken Hog Rider who will help you throughout your journey. You need to merge three of the same ingredients and items to create new ones and build your kingdom. Once, this magical kingdom had the power to merge and grow its land to become the most prosperous country. You can use the power of magic to merge anything you can find along your journey. Plants, buildings, wood, and even gems. Use your resources to create new buildings and armies that will help you explore new lands. Keep cultivating plants, build new huts, forts, and barracks. Collect your rewards, and complete the daily quests to earn gems and coins. The kingdom's fate lies in your hands. Discover new territories, meet dazzling creatures, and find splendid objects. Have fun!

If you enjoy holding the power of creation in your hands, enter the medieval ages and build your empire by playing Imperia Online. Enjoy!


Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. developed The Mergest Kingdom.

Release Date

May 28, 2021


  • Quests to complete
  • New ingredients to find
  • Rewards to earn
  • Unlockable new lands


Use your mouse to play this game.