Idle Mole Empire invites you to run a profitable business! These moles know how to dig the ground, but they need your help managing their mine! Hire employees and managers, and watch as you turn dirt into gold! Are you ready to expand your business and become rich?

These moles found a great spot to build a community. The land is rich in precious stones and it has lots of potential. Let them dig! Your objective in this game is to expand the mine by earning gold and opening new tunnels. When you first begin the game you will only have 3 employees. A miner, an elevator operator, and a carrier. Click on your miner mole so it can mine stones. Once it's done, it will carry the stones to the barrel. Then click on the mole on the elevator so it can bring the stones to the surface. Lastly, click on the carrier mole so it can take the stones from the elevator and carry them to be sold. You don't have to do all these manually! When you earn enough gold, you can hire managers. These will make your employees work automatically, so you can sit back and watch! With your gold, you can upgrade your tunnels, and your managers, and unlock new tunnels. Keep in mind that unlocking new tunnels becomes progressively expensive, so save up! But the plus side, new tunnels provide more valuable resources and they generate more income. The game is idle, so you can go and take care of other things and you will continue to earn money while away! Enjoy!

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MarketJS developer Idle Mole Empire.

Release Date

August 31, 2023


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Different tunnels to unlock
  • Different upgrades to buy


Use your mouse to play.