Play the best free army games online at Kizi!

Wear your helmet and grab your weapons soldier, because we're going into the battle! On this page, you'll find lots of free army games to play! You can become a soldier in an army and try your best to defeat your enemies, or become a lone wolf and fight against a swarm of mobs and survive to tell the tale! No matter which scenario you find yourself in, you should have your guard up all the time. With its fast-paced gameplay and exciting levels, these games will keep you hooked in front of your screen!

Use different weapons and control diverse units

When it comes to winning a battle, the side with the more resources and equipment has the upper hand. Watch the moves of your enemy and pick the right weapons to defend yourself from their attacks and breach their defenses. Just like in Stickman Army: The Defenders, one of the popular titles on this page, sometimes you have to protect a building, a base, or even a camp from waves of enemies. You can use various units with different skills to repel the attackers and defeat them. You don't only have to use people as your units! In the game Army Car Team, you can take control of an army of powerful cars and wreak havoc on your enemies.

Army games for mobile and PC

You don't have to be at home and have an access to a PC to play and enjoy these exciting games! Our games can also be played on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and more! You just need a stable internet connection to start the fun. Play while you're commuting, out at the park, or while in a cafe. It's all up to you!