Eternal Fury welcomes you to the mystical world of adventures and great battles! In this turn-based strategic and epic adventure game, you have quite a deal of tasks to save the land from evil Goddess Hel and beat Ragnarok. In a kingdom filled with monsters and demons, you need to gather power as much as you can and keep upgrading your character. If you are ready, select your character and start the game.

Defeating evil is not an easy job. To complete this task, you need to attack all the bases and fields you see on the map. With this online platform in the game, you can chat with other players to create a strategy and make the best attack. To pass from one level to the other and move on the map, you need to complete your quests and achieve the battles you start. Collect the element and upgrade your character and claim your earnings. As you win more battles, you gain more items to help you out. You need to gather your resources and open up new features. You can create your own army and collect more powerful weapons because as you pass the levels, your opponents will be stronger as well. You can see the features of your character and your fighting items in the back-up, at the right side of the screen. To find more about the game, you can see our walkthrough. Good luck and enjoy!

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GAME HOLLYWOOD developed this game.

Release Date

August 17, 2020


  • Turn-based RPG gameplay
  • Online
  • Requires strategy
  • Plenty of adventures to go on


You can play this game with your mouse.