In Bike Stunt Driving Simulator 3D, complete the missions and fill your garage with brand new motorbikes! You are only one step behind earning real good cash to buy new vehicles. All you need is to claim the missions and complete them within the given time limit. There will be nothing that can stop you once you make your mind. If you are motivated enough to jump into this motor craze, let's put the pedal to the metal now!

This 3D racing game invites you to multiple challenges where you can test your driving skills with ultimate fun! How long will you be able to drive your bike before you run out of fuel? In this amazing motorcycle simulation game, the objective is to accept the missions and complete them to renew your garage. You can get various new vehicles with the cash you earned through the missions. It will not always be easy, though. There will be other cars, buses, and vans occupying the roads. Don't let them slow you down. You will be given a limited time to complete each mission. Use the keyboard arrows to ride, "W" to accelerate, and SPACE BAR to brake. Meanwhile, try to enjoy the view of this beautiful city and catch the bad guys who try to ruin it. Have fun!

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FreeOnlineGames developed Bike Stunt Driving Simulator 3D.

Release Date

September 9, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Motorcycle riding simulation
  • Various missions to complete
  • Thrilling and engaging gameplay


Use the keyboards arrows or "A" and "D" to ride, W for accelerating, S for brakes. Use Left Shift for Boost Nitro and Space Bar for Hand Brake.