In City Minibus Driver, get ready to be a crazy driver in a crowded city! The passengers are standing and waiting a long time at the stop, so jump into your minibus and pick them up right away! Are you ready to be a driver and earn some money? Have fun!

You know how hard it is to drive a minibus in the city under normal conditions! But you will never be bored in this game because you have the coolest minibus in colors! There are 4 different modes in this game and each one, you have different goals. In the career mode, you will take the passengers to the bus stops on your way, on time. Each successful mission will win you money. The minibus racing competition is also a good way to get money. You may buy faster and more luxurious minibuses from the garage with the money you earn. The wheel on the minibus may burst, and the gasoline may run out while it is traveling. Sometimes, minibus passengers may dislike the minibus because it is dirty. You'll have to solve all of these difficulties as well. If you get too bored to pick up the passengers, you can also drive in free mode to calm down a bit! Are you ready to become the best minibus driver in town? Then let's jump into the game and show your talents! Have fun!

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RHM Interactive developed City Minibus Driver.

Release Date

July 16, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Unlockable colors
  • 4 different game modes


Move: "W,A,S,D" or Arrow Keys, Look back: "B" Fix bus's position: "R" Handbrake: "SPACE" Horn: "1,2,3" Camera: "C", Look back: "B" Fix bus's position: "O" Handbrake: "RIGHT-SHIFT"