In 4x4 Drive Offroad, turn your steering wheel to the countryside, and prepared to get some mud on your bumper! The unruly roads wait for you in this 3D game. Can you complete different missions and enjoy the scenery?

The pastoral life is all about relaxation, but don't expect a calm adventure in this game! With different quests, you're always on the go! The game features 2 different modes that you can try. The first one you should check out is the levels mode. In this mode, there are 20 different levels for you to complete. Each of these levels has a mission for you to finish. Sometimes you'll have to collect a specific amount of stars, while other times you should make your way to a recent plane crash. Driving to the harbor to find a ship or passing through checkpoints are other kinds of objectives you'll have in this mode. You should be quick because, in these missions, you have a time limit. Completing levels reward you with cash. The other mode is called free mode. Your objective in this is to collect as many red stars as you can. With each star you collect you earn money. You can spend these to unlock 7 different vehicles! Enjoy!

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Best Free Games developed 4x4 Drive Offroad.

Release Date

January 10, 2020


  • Fantastic 3D graphics
  • 7 different vehicles to choose from
  • 2 different game modes to play
  • 20 different levels to complete


Use the arrow keys to drive around and the SPACE BAR to use your brakes.