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On this page, you’ll find a collection of our bike games, from titles featuring mountain trials and stunt bikes to motorcycles and dirt bikes. We’ve collected a range of video games with human and motor-powered two-wheelers here, but for more specific catalogues you can also take a look at our pages dedicated entirely to Dirt Bike games and Motorcycle games. Browse our collections and start playing right away, or continue reading to find out a little bit more about bikes.

From the Dandyhorse to the Modern Bike

These days, there are lots of different types of bikes, each suited for different terrains, sports, and transport purposes. The first bicycle was invented by a civil servant in Germany, Karl von Drais, who wanted to figure out an alternative way to get about quickly without a horse. The resulting contraption, the Draisienne or Laufmaschine looked a bit like a modern bicycle but had no foot-pedals. It was in fact, as the German name suggests, a sort of running machine. To drive it, you used handlebars to steer, and two wheels to roll forward, but the rider had to sit in the saddle and use their legs to make big strides, pushing against the ground to move forward. Because these early bicycles were often used by dandy gentlemen, people sometimes made fun by calling them ‘dandyhorses’.

Later models, such as the penny-farthing high wheeler added foot-pedals mounted onto a huge front wheel. The large front wheels of these models allowed for greater speed, but also made them very difficult to ride – and dangerous! Hitting a pothole in the road could easily send the rider flying, and deadly accidents were not all that uncommon. In addition, lots of early models had fairly rigid frames and steel hoops for wheels, which made for a rather bumpy ride. So much so, that some models became known as ‘Boneshakers’!

Because these bikes were so dangerous and uncomfortable, they were often considered appropriate transport only for sporty and showy young men. However, the introduction of the safety bicycle made the bike far more widely popular. With wheel sizes more like those of modern bicycles, rear-wheel propulsion, and pneumatic tires, these bikes are far more like the ones we use today.

Bike games for kids – our collection

Further technological innovations led to the creation of lots of purpose-built models for different terrains, sports, and proficiency levels. There are road, racing, and mountain bikes, bicycles for children, for velodromes, and cargo transport, and models suited for snow, ice, sand, and motocross-type stunts. Try your hand at all of these in our collection of bike games. Don’t forget to check out our page of BMX games, too! Have fun playing!