Become the king of the bikes in BMX Kid! No one knows how to ride a bicycle better than the boys of the neighborhood. So, now hop on your great bike and get through the bumpy roads of your city in the best way!

This is a bicycle game that will take you to your childhood days. Get your bike and start riding your old school bike on the roads of your city. There will be many hills and ramps that you need to get over. So, make sure that you have full control of the command of the bike. When you see an obstacle, try to jump over them. There are two main modes of this game. In survival mode, you will try to ride the bike for as long as you can without falling. In the arcade mode, you will have 40 levels to pass. At each level, you need to collect at least 70% of the stars and complete the road without falling. So, let’s see if you’ll make a good rider in this game!

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Ramblo Digital Media developed BMX Kid.

Release Date

June 09, 2021


• 2D colorful graphics

• 40 levels

• Arcade and survival modes

• Bikes to unlock

• Addictive roadmaps to drive through


You can use the WASD or the arrow keys to ride the bike and jump.