In Crime Moto Racer, you choose the road, traffic, and weather! Hop onto your motorcycle and speed through the running traffic! Watch out for the car changing lanes, and stay cautious to keep your biker alive! Earn money by reaching further distances, and unlock the fastest bikes to go even further!

Every risk you take is an advantage in this game! Just focus on keeping the biker alive, and speed through the opposite lane as trucks keep coming at you! You can go to the settings in the menu and adjust the graphics. Now take a look at the bike options, and start the first game with the best you have. You have three game modes; one lane, two lanes, and time attack. The first mode challenges you in one-way traffic, while the second one is a two-way challenge. The third mode gives you a hundred seconds in which you try to reach the furthest point. There are also three weather options with unique challenges. Sunny weather is the basic mode with no extra difficulties. At night, you try to see your way through the dark. The third option is the rainy weather that makes the roads extra slippery and dangerous. Try all modes, unlock new bikes, and break records!

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Berezka developed Crime Moto Racer.

Release Date

September 20, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Realistic riding experience

3 challenging game modes

Addictive and thrilling gameplay

Weather options

Unlockable bikes


You can use "W, A, S, D" to control your bike.